Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Princess Birthday Tea Party

For Lola's 4th birthday party she requested a Princess Tea Party and we were more then willing to accommodate her request.  She had some very specific requests about what she would like to see at the party.
As requested there was a strawberry princess cake with pink icing and figures that she could play with.
 Lots of sweets, because every good tea party has lots of sugar.

Tiaras and princess dresses.
She saw this princess cut out in a store and thought that it would be a good idea to have for those guests who didn't show up already dressed as a princess. Lola was the first to test it out.
 Most guests obliged.

Then the most amazing thing happened that Lola had never ever thought of requesting; there was a knock on the door and Cinderella entered the room.  The kids were captivated instantly.  She read them stories.
 She brought along a tickle trunk of dresses and costumes for all the kids to dress up in.  Lola tried on 3 princes dresses during Cinderella's visit.

 Cinderella taught all the kids how to do a royal wave and had Lola lead all the princesses and princes on a parade.

 She was pretty much the happiest I have ever seen her.
 There were lots of cheering for the prince and princess parade.

 Cinderella also taught everyone how to curtsey like a princess.  Maddy has clearly had a great deal of practice performing curtsies.
 Cinderella even posed for some photos with the guests.

 In the end she made Lola an honorary princess for her birthday.
It was an amazing party and Lola had the time of her life.  Big thank you to all our friends and family who were able to join for Lola's Princess Birthday Tea Party and for helping us celebrate 4 wonderful years of Lola!

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