Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quinnter Onederland

We really like themes around here, give me a theme and away I go.  So, when it came time to plan Quinn's first birthday party I knew that we needed to come up with an awesome theme.  After bouncing a few ideas around; we finally settled on the most obvious and amazing theme ever -- a Quinnter Onederland -- and we ran with it.  There were snowflake decorations, a pin the nose on Frosty game, a snowflake cake, ice fishing, and matching t-shirts.

Quinn enjoyed the part where we all sang to him, but he had no real interest in eating his cake.  He is pretty skeptical of things that I feed him since the sweet potato incident a few weeks ago.
He really enjoyed Julie's sparkly headband, thankfully she is a tolerant little girl who didn't mind sharing with the birthday boy.
The most popular thing at the birthday party was actually a gift for Lola.  Last time Lola was visiting at Grandpa and Grandma's house she mentioned that she would like a balance beam.  Grandpa and Grandma are never the ones to disappoint; so Grandpa Steve built a balance beam.  The kids all took turns showing off their balance beam skills.  Even Quinn was trying to get up on it.
Just like Lola's parties we asked that instead of gifts guest bring along a donation for our local food bank.  Most people listened and we managed to donate a pretty substantial box of food to the Daily Bread Food Bank.  As always, there we are few presents and Lola was more then happy to help her little brother out with the opening of them.
It was an amazing celebration of a pretty wonderful little man.  I can't believe that our baby boy is already one.
 Thank you to everyone for all your love and support over the past year, we are a very lucky and fortunate family to be surrounded by such wonderful people!

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