Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dylan Visits

During the summer months we were always busy doing something and when the sun was shinning we did that something outside.  One of Lola and Quinn's favourite things to do is sidewalk chalk paint; it is great fun for the kids, is messy outdoor fun, holds their attention for an extended period of time, is easy to make and requires very little adult interaction.  The perfect activity for a Sunday afternoon visit with Dylan and Sarah.

Quinn has developed quite a love of the sidewalk chalk paint.  He paints more of himself then anything else and you have to keep an eye on him because he is always trying to 'help' Lola with her painting.

He loved that Sarah was taking pictures of his art work.  He would smile for the photo and then run to the phone to make sure it was a good one.
When they needed a break from the intense sidewalk chalk painting the kids played in the fort that they had built.  No adults were allowed in (you can clearly see by Quinn's face that he was unhappy with me breaking the first rule of kids fort) and no kids were allowed out to bug the adults while they drank wine, ate appetizers and talked.  It was a perfect day!
I'm already starting to miss these lazy wonderful days of summer!

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