Monday, June 23, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

Back in May we headed out for a short vacation to Great Wolf Lodge.  Sarah and Dylan came along with us for the super fun times.  Here is a quick sampling of some of the amazing r.easons that we need to go back to this place...

 Bubble Baths

 With bubble beards and moustachioed little girls.
 Wrist bands for everyone.

 The office away from the office.
 Kids room; with their own television.
 Pancake breakfast made on contraband personal appliances with a paper plate flipper.

 When making food with the contraband personal appliances someone had to be in charge of the smoke detectors.
 Microwave bacon!
 and still more questing.

 Grilled cheese sandwiches served in old pizza boxes with personalized ketchup!

 No parents allowed PJ Party!  Yes, please!

 Snacks at the water park

We had such an amazing time and already can't wait to go back!  See ya next year Great Wolf Lodge!

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