Monday, August 11, 2014

Head West Young Boy (and Girl)

In July we decided that it was more then time that we headed out West to visit the Vancouver members of our family.  We used Cousin Adrienne's wedding as the perfect excuse for our western Canada excursion.  The weather was amazing and the kids loved every minute with their cousins.  

 I didn't take near enough photos during this trip, but managed to get a few really good ones.
 All dressed up and heading to Adrienne and Steve's wedding.

 The bride and groom just after the ceremony at the Governor's House!
 Quinn waited till just after the ceremony to rip off his tie.  He looked respectful for the important part of the day.

 Heading out to the woods on an adventure.  The cutest crew of adventurers ever.

It was an amazing whirlwind trip filled with lots of love and laughter.  Thanks so much Vancouver team for letting us visit and taking us so many amazing places!

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