Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Concert

After months of lunch time choir practice the night finally arrived where we would be able to see the fruits of Lola's hard work.  She had been practicing at home, but wanted the songs for to be a surprise for us so she often practiced in her room with the door closed.  When I would ask her about choir and how it was going she was very quiet, not wanting to reveal any details ahead of the Jr Choir Christmas Concert.  We would get a few hints about what songs they may be singing, but she would never confirm any of our suspicions.

On the big night Quinn was very excited to see his sister on the stage and Grandpa and Oma were even able to join us for the thrilling event.

And Lola did not disappoint!  She sang loud, and proud, and performed all of her actions.  She looked lovely in her green school vest and was so happy that we were there to see her big performance.
Another major milestone! Thanks for joining us Grandpa and Oma and way to go Lola!

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