Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Years

For New Years Eve this year we decided (due to a lack of willing baby sitters) to stay at home with the kids and celebrate a UK new years.  It was such a fun night and we all still managed to be in bed before the ball dropped in Times Square!
Lola was in charge of the party decorations.  She had a budget and managed to stick to it and get all the items that she deemed necessary for a successful new years bash; noise makes, hats and tiaras were the key items.  She picked the menu (we ate a lot of chips) and was in charge of approving everyone's outfits for the party (Quinn was the only one who was given the pass to wear a t-shirt).

Fortunately Sarah was able to join in our party.  Sarah and Lola put together a really fantastic dance routine that rivaled my late night kitchen jamming to the Blues Brothers.
 All in all a pretty successful affair and a happy new year was had by all!

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