Monday, August 10, 2009

Cirque De Lola!

The Circus arrived right in time to help celebrate my first birthday.
Tanta Ness helped with setting up the big top!
Dad was the ring master, mom the bearded lady and I was the girl in the tutu that rides the trick pony.
Beej came as the strong man, his shirt even says so!
Grandma also came as a bearded lady, I'm concerned that hairy ladies might run in the family!
Chewy was one of the carnival attractions as the 1000 year old dog! Older than the hills!
It was quite the day with lots of family, friends and fun.
And what would a circus be without some carnival games.Maya cleaned up at ring toss.
The Dads loved testing their strength. Yes, Rocco you should look scared of Jon and the hammer.
Uncle Josh was a master at the Toilet Toss.Then it was time for my favourite part, the birthday cake!Mom put in four candles, so my friends Maya, Emma and BJ could all help me blow them out!
Getting a birthday kiss from Emma.It was such a great day. Thanks everyone for coming to Cirque De Lola and making my first birthday such a special day!

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