Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Birthday Party Dunton Style!

On Monday we all gathered at Grandpa and Baba's house to celebrate Lola's First birthday Dunton style! Aunt Vicky was in town and the Vancouver Dunton's are still here; so it was much busier then the normal chaos of a visit to Grandpa and Baba's. With so many people around to celebrate there was no end to the fun and silliness!
A nice picture with "Great" Aunt Vicky and Aunt Stephanie.
Uncle Jon hanging out with the birthday girl.
Playing my favourite game; peek-a-boo with Aunt Paula.
Uncle Josh was really sleepy.
Uncle Jeremy playing around with my birthday crown. He thought that he was a pirate.
Cousin Tamara being super sweet.Isabella saying 'cheese' for the camera.It was tough work, but mom managed to get all the cousins to sit for a photo. We are a pretty good looking bunch!

The boys patiently waiting for the traditional Dunton birthday cake!
Grandpa lights the candles. I know that I am only one, but the boys and Baba wanted lots of candles.
And then the whole room stated singing to me. I loved it!

I was really looking forward to eating cake. Mom has been talking it up for weeks!Baba and a very messy birthday girl.I wasn't nearly as messy as mom thought that I would be. I'll work on getting messier for Saturday!
After cake we had presents! A tea set! Thanks Uncle Jeff and Aunt Stephanie!
I liked the whole present opening exercise.
And after it was all over, I sat with Grandpa in my pj's for a bottle and some kisses.

Thanks for such a great birthday party Grandpa and Baba!

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Lola! Glad to see someone wore that crown!