Monday, November 30, 2009

The 25 Days of Christmas

December 1st is tomorrow! We are very excited about finally being able to officially kick off the holiday season. So, excited in fact that I have decided to participate in the 25 Day of Christmas Challenge. Here is what we planning to get up to for the next 25 days.

1 Put up Christmas Decorations
2 Deliver Christmas decorations to Anonymous
3 Listen to Christmas carols
4 Make our own Christmas tree decorations
5 Get Holiday hair cuts
6 Take family holiday photos
7 Put up outside lights
8 Make Magic Reindeer Food
9 Make up Christmas song book for Collingwood
10 Make up Christmas quiz
11 Mail Christmas cards and Presents!
12 Put up Christmas Tree
13 Go to Christmas concert
14 Bake cookies
15 Deliver cookies to neighbors
16 Get dressed in Christmas outfits and take photos with tree
17 Make hot chocolate and drink it in the light of the tree
18 Watch a Christmas movie on the fold out couch
19 Make and hang edible gifts for the birds
20 Family Christmas drop in, eat Festive Specials for dinner
21 Wrap presents
22 Go for a walk to look at the lights
23 Christmas in Collingwood
24 Read ‘Twas the night before Christmas
25 Christmas at home, love every minute of it! Call all of our family and tell them how much we love them. Especially Isabella!

The challenge part being the actual doing and the taking of a photo of us doing said activity. But, I like a challenge especially the kind that involve Christmas. I'll try to blog regularly about it, but no promises!


mbutterfly47 said...

Wow! Good luck getting through the list Lola and mommy and daddy.Be sure to keep us updated on how well you are doing... pics are good.

Sarah said...

I am taking the plunge too! I got my list done and made half of the little envelopes last night. Hopefully I will finish the rest tonight and even try to blog about it too!

Debra Dalgleish said...

It sounds like you'll have a lovely month with your family. Enjoy!