Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pepe Le Cute

Halloween weekend was big time fun!
I wore my skeleton shirt until it was time to get my costume on.
It was a long day of waiting for trick or treating, but mom kept us busy with Halloween themed activities, like pumpkin carving. I was - of course - a very big help with Daddy's skull pumpkin!
Mom was super proud of her bird in a cage pumpkin. I think that it would have been better had she let me help her!
We headed over to Beej's house for the actual trick or treating. I put on most of my costume to show off my cuteness to all the neighbours before hoping in the car.
Beej couldn't wait to go to the other houses, so he started trick or treating at home!
Mom and Dad were FSI Agents. That is Federal Stunk Investigation Agents!
The trick or treaters head out for candy!

Beej was a very good trick or treater and made sure to get extra treats for me, even when I wasn't fast enough to make it up to the door.
The traditional dumping of the candy bag for inspection!
Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that your Halloween was also super fun!


Patricia said...

Beyond adorable... cutest skunk ever! Gramma PS mom and dad look good too.

Stouffville Mom said...

super sweett!!!

oma said...

Certainly the sweetest skunk I have ever seen!