Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

I thought that with the holidays over things would slow down a bit around here. But, so far our schedule shows no signs of letting up. On Saturday Daddy's old school held an event for Old Boys and their families.I spent some time with all my friends in the bouncy castle. Beej took good care to make sure that no one bounced on me.Daddy played in a Old Boys basketball game, I found running along the bleachers almost as exciting as watching Daddy show off his mad bball skillz.
Beej came to watch and to cheer Daddy's team on to victory. At dinner the drums and pipes played. It was loud, but pretty cool to dance along to.
This weekend I also started my swimming lessons, Grandma came down to watch my debut in the pool. I'm getting all ready for the big trip to Florida in a few weeks.
The water is really cold, but Daddy and I manage to have a good time.
And Meaghan came over for a visit. I managed to convince her that chasing me around the dinning room table was big time fun. I'm pretty sure that she loved it!

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