Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ukrainian Christmas

Our final stop of the Christmas tour is Ukrainian Christmas at Baba and Grandpa's house. This year was even better than last year and Grandpa started crying just after welcoming us all (a new record for Grandpa's tears).
Baba and Auntie Pam did all the cooking, mom and dad said that it was delicious. I didn't try that many dishes and mostly stuck to my Ukrainian hot dogs.

My buddy Dylan and his parents got to come this year. He had lots of hugs for me, maybe too many hugs. Nahhh.
Dylan also had lots of fun climbing the 'ladder', previously known to blog readers as Uncle Jon.
Saint Nick even came and brought presents. Both of mine take batteries and make lots of noise! I'm already doing lots of dancing with them.
This wraps up our Christmas season. It has been a great one!

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