Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Black Creek Pioneer Village held a Alice in Wonderland themed weekend, so the boys and I decided that we should check it out.
First order of business was to eat some old timer lollipops and licorice. They had a maze that took you through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole, it was pretty cool. Beej loved it.
Alice was running around trying to find a rabbit, the Queen of Hearts was hosting a croquet tournament and there was also this tea party; which was clearly written and performed by a troupe of mad hatters!
We explored all of the old buildings.
I tried to figure out how to hook my horse up to this hitching post.
It was fun to walk in the streets and not have to hold the hand of an adult. With no motorized vehicles and few pedestrians I was allowed to run free.
Here are the kids with their dad's. We are posing in front of the coolest mill you have ever seen, but mom failed to get that in the photo. Ooops!
Here we are checking out the blacksmith, possibly the worst job to have on the first of an extreme heat warning.

Thanks for the exciting outing Beej and Dylan!

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