Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visiting Big Nana

On the weekend we took a trip up to visit with Big Nana. We always start our visit in her room while Grandpa tries to find Big Nana's glasses and hearing aid. While they are busy doing that, I like to roll around on Big Nana's bed. She doesn't mind!
Daddy was able to join in on the fun this time.
Grandpa did Big Nana's hair for the photo. I'm glad that Grandpa doesn't have to rely on his hair styling ability to pay the bills!
It was such a beautiful day that I convinced everyone to go for a walk outside and look at the flowers.
Later Grandpa wanted a Crokinole rematch. To save him any possible embarrassment we teamed up and took on Mom and Dad. Grandpa and I managed to beat them handily. They weren't really even a challenge.
Eventually Big Nana sat down with us showed us why she was known as the North Pelham Crokinole Queen.
Thanks for the great visit Big Nana, I'll be back soon for more!

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