Monday, November 22, 2010

It's almost here

I'm really starting to get excited. This past weekend was the Santa Claus parade, the official kick off to the Christmas season. The sun was shining, the wind was icy cold and we all stood outside decked in our finest of winter gear hoping to catch a glimpse of the big man himself.
Baby Grant came to join us this year. I'm not sure if he will be all that interested in coming out again next year.
There were lots of great floats and lots of bands -- which Lola loved; and lots of boozy hot chocolate -- which I loved. It was a great parade and the perfect way to usher in the 2010 Christmas season.

I have my 25 days of Christmas list almost complete and can't wait to get the decorations and lights out (we are one of those houses that has a rule where we have to wait until December 1st to pull out the Christmas stuff). While I am desperately waiting to get the Christmas stuff out, it does give me time to get things done, lists made, and stuff organized. Darcy and I haven't done Christmas cards in years, but then I found these.

Shutterfly recently released their holiday collection of cards and they are sweet, they are easy and I think that you can all expect to see one in your mailbox sometime shortly. I haven't finalized the actual design and really it would be giving it away if I posted the final product before putting them in the mail, but I imagine that they will look something like the one above. Don't worry you won't be disappointed! They have a whole bunch of other cool stuff, so I hope that you aren't upset when all your gifts for the next few years are pictures of the little lady on things like coffee mugs or calendars. Grandparents love this kind of stuff don't they?

Yeah Christmas!

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