Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida - part 2

One morning it wasn't quite pool weather, so we decided to head to the park to play until the sun decided to come out and join us.
Dad and Grandpa were originally going to play tennis while Mom and I played at the park, but there was a pickleball tournament happening, so they had no choice but to join in on the park fun.
And look at this cool park. And that palm tree that looks like it should totally be fake, it isn't. And this picture is only half of the park, there is a whole other side too. The best part about the park was it was totally empty, we had everything to ourselves.
Mom did a gator check when we got to the park to make sure that there weren't any gators waiting for tasty unsuspecting little girls.
Fun times!
Me pushing Mom on the swing.
Mom pushing me on the swing.
Dad pushing Mom and I on the swings.
Grandpa pushing me on the swing.
I had forgotten how much fun parks were when they aren't buried under snow and ice!

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