Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day

We don't get a lot of snow around here, so when 'snowmageddon' was poised to hit the city we were pretty excited. So excited that I got up super early to check on the weather status and was too excited to go back to sleep when the good news was released that schools were closed.

Since we didn't have to go to work or day care that day we decided to do pull out the sled and go and have breakfast.
Baby bear joined in on the sledding fun.
The 'snowmageddon' part hit later in the day (this doesn't really look all that impressive); there was more snow then this I swear.
And no snow day is complete without a little baking. We pulled out our new favourite cookbook and Lola picked brownies.
They were super delicious and contributed to a pretty sweet snow day.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one more before the season ends!

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