Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aunt Emily's Birthday

This weekend we got together to celebrate Aunt Emily's birthday. It was the first birthday celebration since the Wasaga Dunton's turned into the Winnipeg Dunton's; it was a pretty subdued affair without them and their wild antics.
Some how we managed to soldier on and celebrate Emily properly; here I am with Baba smiling through the tears!
The birthday girl with her cake.
Digging in on Grandpa's specialty - the cherry chip cake
Dancing with Emily to the sound track from Sleeping Beauty. She was nice enough to spend all of her birthday party spinning and jumping with me. Hey, maybe it is really isn't all that bad being the only little person present!
After the birthday celebrations Grandpa took me upstairs for my bath. After my bath he lets me borrow his house coat while I finish up the rest of my bed time beauty routine. After brushing my hair and teeth Grandpa let me brush his beard.
Then he brushed my beard.
Then I tried to brush his hair?

Happy birthday Emily, we hoped you had a great day!

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