Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Package

Last night when we got home there was a mystery package at the front door for Lola. Lola had just come home from face painting day at day care where she was done up like a kitty cat.
We were all super excited to open up the package and see what was inside.
The package was really well wrapped. The first layer that we took off was a blue plastic bag.
Then we opened the cardboard box.
Then we opened the gift box.

Then there was tissue paper and a card to open.

And after all that opening what was inside, but Buzz Lightyear bedding!
Lola was so happy.

Here is what it looks like all set up on her big girl bed.
Thank you so much Uncle Jon for the great gift. You made a little girl very, very happy! And she had a great night sleep in it last night, she said that it was super cozy!

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