Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

This weekend we started to celebrate Dad's birthday. Dad's birthday celebrations take the entire month of October to complete. Dad likes it when we continually celebrate how wonderful he is. So, for our first celebration of Daddy, Mom and I hosted a birthday dinner and made this amazing cake.
As usual I was Mom's helper and was in charge of decorating.
Mom made a whack of ribs so that the adults could have Darcy's Birthday Rib Celebration.
And I invited a few of my friends over for an kids dinner and a movie.
Dad was really excited about eating his cake. He had been driven wild by the smell of it baking all day.We sang a rousing version of Happy Birthday and were finally able to dig into the cake. Dinner was good, but the cake was better.
Happy Birthday Daddy, I hope that you have an extra special day!

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