Monday, October 17, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch 2011

Last year we started a new tradition with Grandpa and Oma, an annual trip to visit the pumpkin patch by their house.
There is a lot of great stuff to do there.
They have a hunted pirate ship made of hay bales. I was the captain and Dad was my first mate for this spooky adventure on the high seas.
They also have a pumpkin mini putt course. Oma was the champion of the pumpkin patch mini putt this year.
Though Dad and I did manage to get a hole in one.
They also have a hay bale tractor that I enjoyed driving, it has a really loud working horn that I truly enjoyed honking.
This was one of the funny pumpkin people that are spread throughout the farm. I really liked shaking his hand.
The whole farm is covered with fun photograph opportunities.
They also have tractor rides and the farmer took us on a grand tour of the whole 140 acre farm. We saw where they grow their corn, blue berries, strawberries, squash, apples and lots of other neat things.
But, our favourite part of the visit to the pumpkin patch is this game. Last year this was where Mom won her major award. Clearly this year Grandpa and Oma had been practicing because they both managed to get their ball into the hole on the first shot.
Mom and Dad didn't perform as well this year and are now thinking about constructing a similar unit at home in order to improve over the off season.

A ball in the hole means a free pumpkin. We picked out the two most beautiful pumpkins in the entire pumpkin farm.Thanks for a great visit Grandpa and Oma.

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