Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vacation in Niagara Falls

Darcy thought that prior to embarking on any serious long distance family vacations that we should do a test run. We decided that an over night trip to Niagara Falls would be the perfect spot for our first four member mini family vacation.

Lola was very excited and had long list of things that she wanted to accomplish while we were away. She wanted to check out the falls, this was easy since you could see them right outside our room window.Lola requested that our hotel room have two beds; one for bouncing and one for sleeping.
She wanted to spend time in the swimming pool and the big bath tub and have her house coat to make her cozy after being in both.
There was fancy dinner out that we all got dressed up for.And a visit to the butterfly conservatory while wearing brightly coloured shirts to entice the butterflies to land on us.

We also had time for lots of family snuggles.
And the final request for this mini family vacation was that we do it again soon!

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