Friday, November 9, 2012

Catching Up

I have a lot of photos and events to catch you up on.  The next few posts are going to be pretty picture heavy.  You are all smart people, you can figure out what is going on without my witty banter. We have been busy with swimming, ballet, trampoline, homework, 3 new teeth with more on the way, proper crawling, playing, not sleeping, assisted walking, baking, crafting, reading! and lots, lots more.  The world is in fast forward and I'm doing my best to take some pictures and it flies by.

Quinn has not gotten any neater when it comes to eating.
He really just prefers to eat things off the floor.
Our floors have never been so clean.

First official school photos! So exciting.
Quinn spends most of his time just standing around and trying to convince you to hold his fingers and help him walk around.
He just can't wait to get going on his own.

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