Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

Again this year, I have put together a list of all the things that we are going to do leading up to Christmas.  Sometimes the 25 Days of Christmas list is just a way to keep me organized and on track and sometimes they are just fun things to keep the momentum building till the 25th.  I'll try to take photos of all our activities and post them somewhat regularly.  Here is what we are getting up to...

1 Put up Christmas tree
2 Snowman Craft
3 Make our own Christmas tree decorations
4 Christmas craft
5 Put up outside lights
6 Play Reindeer bingo
7 Deliver Christmas decorations to Anonymous
8 Breakfast with Santa
9 Go to a Christmas Concert
10 Make and hang edible gifts for the birds
11 Santa craft
12 Listen to Christmas carols
13 Red and green dinner night with sparkling juice
14 Watch a Christmas movie on the fold out couch
15 Bake Christmas cookies
16 Deliver Christmas cookies to neighbours
17 Order Festive Specials
18 Make hot chocolate and drink it in the light of the tree
19 Make Magic Reindeer Food
20 Decorate Christmas cookies
21 Get dressed in Christmas outfits and take photos with tree
22 Christmas in Collingwood
23 Go for a walk to look at the lights
24 Read Twas the night before Christmas
25 Call our family and tell them we love them. Especially Isabella!

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