Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthday Vacation

Back in October Lola and I had a number of discussions about what we should get Darcy for his birthday.  After tossing around some different ideas Lola suggested that we get him a family vacation.  Nothing too extravagant, just  a couple of days in a hotel where the whole gang could be together without the distraction of work and school. We went on-line and Lola picked the hotel she thought that Darcy would like the most and we booked it.  She settled on Niagara Fall, New York.

We were all very excited to get out of town.  Darcy has been working a lot and we were very happy to have him all to ourselves for a few days!

On this trip we found out that Lola is not the only one who likes to bouncing on the bed.

 Waiting for her room service breakfast.
When Lola picked the hotel she based it on the swimming pool.  She was pleased when we go there and the pool was just like in the pictures.  The pool had great hours and Lola was amazed when she and Daddy went for a late late night swim.
 And every time we went down to the pool we had it all to ourselves, which was also lots of fun.
The beds had lots of pillows and were super cozy.  Perfect for snuggling with bunny while watching tv after a bath.  

It was a really fun trip and Lola can't wait to go again.  She is thinking that a family vacation would make a great Christmas present too!

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Sally said...

Super cute pictures of Quinn jumping on the bed.