Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As a family we have been eagerly await the arrival of Er Shun and Da Mao to the Toronto zoo.  We are fairly regular zoo visitors and every trip to the zoo involves some time visiting with the gorillas and the penguins.  But, this time we were there with a very singular purpose to see the new arrivals.  The zoo itself has been making a lot of changes in preparation for the unveiling of the new pandas; including this new photo spot. 

The exhibit itself is really big, with lots of interesting information about pandas; did you know that Pandas are considered carnivores, even though 99% of their diet is bamboo?  All of this information was great because the line up to see the pandas was long. 

Almost to the PANDAS!

Da Mao was in the outside inclosure just being completely adorable and eating bamboo.  He looked exactly like they do in cartoons and had the whole crowd captivated with his every bite.
Er Shun was in the indoor enclosure and was asleep, we didn't even wait in line to see her.  We figured that maybe on our next trip.
Quinn loves the zoo because he gets to walk around and Lola loves that Quinn wants to walk because then she gets to ride in the stroller.
After the whole panda extravaganza there wasn't much time to see much else, but we could leave without saying a quick hello to our penguin friends and taking a ride on the carousel.

 We are hopeful that over the next five years we will get to know Er Shun and Da Mao pretty well.

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