Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Darcy 480 Months

This year is a big birthday for Darcy and Lola wanted to make sure that her Dad's birthday was an amazing experience.  Darcy's birthday morning started with a coffee delivery in bed and the directions to stay in bed and relax.  Lola was insistent that there be a flower on the tray when she delivered his coffee.  She delivered his coffee then came back to the kitchen to help make his breakfast.  He opted to join us downstairs for bacon and eggs rather then eating on his own in bed.  Lola was a bit disappointed because she is pretty obsessed with the idea of breakfast in bed. 
Lola couldn't wait to give Darcy his birthday presents.  He barely had his last bite of breakfast in his mouth before she was clearing the plates and passing him his presents.

For his birthday Darcy wanted some serious winter bike riding gear.  A side effect of the winter riding gear is that he also looks like a ninja!  A very sleek and aerodynamic ninja.
After the excitement of presents wore off Darcy was sent for a nap so that Lola and I could get down to serious birthday cake baking work.  We tried out a new recipe that promised to deliver a high ratio vanilla cake.  The directions were very specific and at one point called for a small pat of butter to be added every ten seconds.  Lola was the perfect assistant; counting to ten in french and dropping in the butter for over five minutes.
After the cake was baked we invited the neighbors over to help decorate; Morgan, Julie and Lola did an amazing job.
We only had big candles, so I figured that each one could be worth ten years.  Forty just seemed way to much to put on the cake!
Happy Birthday Darcy!

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