Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Tamara

Back in August when the Vancouver Dunton's were visiting we took the liberty of celebrating Tamara's birthday a early.  This allowed her to have the complete Dunton birthday experience and gave us another excuse to get together for a party.
 It was a beautiful day and the big kids pulled out the slip and slide and water guns.

We spent most of the day running around the back yard; the only way that the kids could be coaxed back into the house was with promises of cake.

Shaymus, Lola and Quinn were in charge of decorating the Dunton birthday cake for Tamara.  A large number of Smarties were eaten by Quinn before they could make it to the cake, but in the end there were enough to please the birthday girl.

 Tamara put on a beautiful dress and a tiara for cake time.
I'm not sure why, but Grandpa helping Lola clap while singing Happy Birthday.  Dunton's are big clapper and stompers; so this might be a genetic thing.
Thank for the great visit Vancouver Dunton's!  We miss you guys lots!

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