Friday, November 15, 2013

40th Birthday Bash

In honour of 40 wonderful years of Darcy we decided to host a small open house at our place to celebrate how amazing he is.  It was a family friendly affair and Lola and Quinn were very excited to help plan.  The kids and I spent a long time discussing food, cupcakes and decorations.  Lola decided that for decorations we should use photos of Darcy; so we spent a few nights going through old photo albums and tried to select our favourites.  It was a tough job and there were way too many that we loved so we ended up making a large 40 collage and then just randomly posting photos around the house.

We also set up (the first of many) outdoor movie theaters, all it took was a few bed sheets (that Darcy the perfectionist steamed to ensure the highest quality viewing pleasure), a projector, and a tent.  Who knew that it could be that simple to keep eleven little people entertained?

Add a lot of popcorn and blankets and we basically only heard from the kids when a show ended and a new DVD needed to be cued up.

The food was amazing and everything turned out just like Lola, Quinn and I had envisioned.
The best part was all the family and friends that came out to celebrate with us; we are a very lucky family to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  It was a lovely celebration of a wonderful man. Happy Birthday Darcy!

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