Monday, November 25, 2013

Halloween 2013

We love a theme in our house; so when we discuss Halloween costume ideas we need to take into consideration the family as a whole.  We figured that this would probably be the last year that Quinn will go along with Lola's Halloween vision without requiring some sort of input so when she said that she felt very strongly about a Princess and the Frog theme we let her go with it.  Lola thought that Quinn would made the most adorable Frog Prince (she was right), Lola would be a very beautiful princess Tiana (again, she was right), and she thought that Mom and Dad could be the fireflies Ray and Evangeline. 
They were both very excited about their costumes and couldn't wait for the big day to show them off.

We picked up our pumpkins at the beginning of the month when we were up visiting Grandpa and Oma giving Lola ample time to decide on what she wanted them to look like.
She designed and drew on her pumpkin all by herself.
And got Shelley to help her with Quinn's pumpkin.
I was in charge of the carving (I was very well supervised and instructed) and Lola was quite pleased to see her creations come to life.

On Halloween night we packed up and headed to Beej's house for our traditional Halloween festivities.  After a themed dinner, many treats and lots of photos the kids were dying to hit the streets and collect candy. 
Just a few more photos Lola and Beej!

Quinn quickly figured out how the whole Trick or Treating thing worked and probably visited a dozen houses before the desire to sit and eat his treats was stronger then his desire to collect more treats. 
Lola and Beej were unfazed by the rain and were loving running from house to house.  They would have stayed out for longer, but they were eager to get back and hand out candy and maybe eat some of their own.  It was another terribly successful Halloween with the Etherington's!

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