Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Latest Trip to the Zoo

As a family we love spending time at the zoo, and the best time to go to the zoo is in the winter when no one else is there.  This trip we were heading with the sole purpose of visiting the new baby polar bear.  We saw him and he was pretty cute; we have no photos of him because the polar bears are part of the Tundra Trek and it was too cold to get the camera out.  After seeing reindeer, wolves, arctic foxes and a few other cold weather animals we headed to African Savannah to warm up. We were so pleased when we got to Africa because not only is it super warm, but there was a brand new baby gorilla.
The mom and the baby were having a sweet little nap together when we got there, but eventually the proud mama gorilla was more then happy to show off her new little girl.

We were surprised that the lemurs didn't wake up when we started to sing "We like to move it, move it"; all we got was this bored look from King Julian.
It was a very interesting and super educational trip to the zoo.  I love it there.

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