Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Big Day

A birthday in our family is never celebrated with just one cake; Lola wanted to plan something every special for Quinn's actual birthday.  She asked that we make a train cake for Quinn's (second) birthday cake and I was more then happy to oblige.  She picked out the pan, the cake, the icing colours and was very helpful during the whole process.  
I was pretty impressed with the way that it turned out.  I had a few moments where I thought that I would have to explain that it was supposed to be a train.
 But, before we could have cake there were a few presents to open.
Lola was right there to help when Quinn couldn't get the wrapping or the packaging open.  The ever helpful big sister!
 Quinn was very excited to have a few new trains to add to his growing Thomas collection.

 Once the engines had been opened, it was pretty hard to keep him focused on anything but 'choo choo'!

Eventually we convinced him to sit down for some cake (he mostly sat down because we explained that it was a train cake).

Again, Quinn had no problem blowing out the candle and getting down to the business of eating the cake.  No hesitation, just boom, blow of the fire, remove the candle and eat.

 The boy loves his cake.
As the birthday boy you are allowed to help yourself to as many servings of cake as you want and Quinn took full advantage of this fact.
I think that Quinn enjoyed his birthday, but next time I'll go with icing colour that don't stain his skin as much.  He was a bit blue for days!

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