Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

For Lola's 3rd birthday she requested a ride on a camel, a pony, and an elephant. We knew that the Toronto zoo would be able to accommodate 2 out of 3 of those requests.
So, on Lola's official birthday we all played hooky and headed to the zoo for a day of animals, fun, and sunshine.

The camel ride was our first stop.
Lola wasn't completely sold on the camel at first.
But, by the end she loved riding Titan.
He even paused right in front of Dad for a photo. Clearly this is his good side and he knows it.
The next stop was the elephants. While there was no opportunity to ride the elephants Lola was ecstatic to see them.
They were beautiful and giant.
After that we headed to the pony. Unfortunately after much discussion and anticipation Lola had no interest in actually riding Max. We just gave him a pat and headed on our way.
The final stop on our tour was Sting Ray Bay. Which is pretty cool. We saw lots of other animals while on our zoo visit and hope to come back and visit more soon.

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