Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Lola - Part 1

Birthday celebrations in our family happen in many stages; the first stage of Lola's 3rd birthday was a party at Grandpa and Baba's house.
It began with the decorating of the traditional Dunton birthday cake.
Tamara and Lola took their time and were very precise with their Smartie placement.
Shaymus had his all on in seconds and spent a lot of time waiting for the girls to catch up.
There may have been some Smartie and icing eating.
While waiting for cake time, the kids decided to attack.
Finally it was cake time.
Lola has been really looking forward to her birthday this year, she has been working on candle blowing. And takes it very, very serious.
Hanging with Uncle Josh.
The best part about cake time is it is promptly followed by present time. Grandpa and Baba got Lola a camera for her birthday and she was so excited. She has been taking pictures of everything, I'll make sure to put some of her work up on the blog shortly.
Uncle Jon photo bombing.
Thanks for the great birthday celebration Grandpa and Baba!

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