Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrating Tamara's 3rd Birthday

Miss Tamara is now 3. We celebrated her 3rd birthday before she headed back out West after their Ontario adventure. It was her first experience being the one feted at a traditional Dunton birthday celebration.There was cake decorating.
Tamara requested a white cake with white icing for her special day.
Baba was more then happy to oblige.

We may have eaten some of the icing and the Smarties while we decorated.
I wore my best ballerina outfit. The femininity and softness of my skirt juxtaposed perfectly against the ruggedness of my bruised and bandaged legs.
And nothing is better then a birthday party where all the kids get a gift. I love my Princess book!
Mom picked out this t-shirt for Tamara. They didn't have a Tanta one, but she felt that this would be sufficient. Happy Birthday Tamara! We hope you had a great one!

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