Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Cottage Vacation

This year for our family vacation we decided to get away from it all and head up to a cottage in Minden. Not exactly the deep north, but far enough to get us out of the city.Lola had been looking forward to our cottage vacation for months.
We all adapted to cottage life pretty quickly. There was lots of relaxing,
many arts and crafts sessions,
and breakfasts on the deck.
We also did lots of playing in the lake
and tickles on the dock.
We had lots of visitors too; Shaymus and Tamara came to visit (there are no photos of this visit). Beej also came for a visit and we spent an entire day playing in the lake and building sand castles. While I don't look like it in the photo, but I was so happy to have him over for a sleepover.
Part of our vacation took place on a golf course. Where Dad managed to finally win his first Johnny jacket. Mom, Beej and I hung out at the cottage while the rest of the adults participated in the 15th annual Johnny invitational; but we made it to the golf course in time to see all the teams coming into the 18th green.

Beej even got to drive his Dad's golf cart!

It was a great vacation and we will be back next year!

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