Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last day

After 3 wonderful years Lola had her last day at Boulton Avenue Child Care Centre.  Our experience with this child care centre has been amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better place for Lola to spend her days.  But, it was time for her to spend her first summer vacation home with Mom and Quinn before starting kindergarten in the fall.  For her final day she requested pink cupcakes with purple icing for all of her friends and presents for all of her teachers.  We of course aim to please and even though it was about 40 degrees that day I delivered cupcakes for all and 16 loaves of banana bread and some special presents for her teachers.
Jenn has been a wonderful influence on Lola and they were both sad that their time together was ending.

Lola and her buddy Nolan Ryan (yes, his Dad is a baseball fan) have been together since her first day at daycare.  They are good friends and do silly very well when they are together.  Nolan lives close by so we know that we will see him around the neighbourhood.
Lola wanted to show us all her favourite things about her room at day care.  It is no real surprise that she is a big fan of the drama and dress up area.  Apparently so is Jenn!

Lola took the time to go from room to room and say good bye to every member of the Boulton family.  Nicole was responsible for all of the great hair dos that Lola came home with and also for her love of Nicki Minaj.
Thanks for 3 great years Boulton! We miss you all!

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