Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

With Lola home full time our days are much, much busier.  I spend time the night before coming up with a plan for the following day and ensuring that we have all the necessary tools to make the day fun filled and successful.  Only two weeks in and I'm looking for ideas.  Thankfully I found this great site, Busy Kids = Happy Mom and it is full of great easy, fun ideas. 
The one that Lola and I were most eager to test out was sidewalk chalk paint.  We made three colours and spent two hours decorating every last inch of pavement outside of our house.
Next time we are making more colours and planning on brightening up our whole street.


Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom said...

Your pictures made me so happy! So glad the sidewalk chalk worked for you!

Sally said...

One of our favourite activities is making a "backwards" day. You do all your daily activities backwards (or in reverse order) So if you usually have a bath at night have one in the morning, have dessert first then your meal, wear your pjs during the day. My kids actually think it is a "day" Isabella just asked what month is backwards day in not too long ago.

They say goodbye instead of hello, which is really more opposite day but we don't worry about the rules that much.