Friday, July 27, 2012

Let him eat cake; or at least sweet potatoes

For months Quinn has been patiently watching us eat; taking in every movement at meal time from plate to mouth and stealthily trying to lift food.  And we always said 'not yet buddy, wait till you get some teeth'.  So, as soon as Quinn's first tooth pushed through Lola couldn't wait to get some real food into the boy.  We decided to start with sweet potatoes.  He couldn't wait to get them out of Lola's hands when she brought them to the table.  But, ultimately he was reserved with them and thoughtfully put them into his mouth, taking his time, gumming and exploring.  Not bad for a first experience with food, he was pretty clean and happy to be finally eating something at dinner time. 

Then the next day we gave him bananas.  He loves them.  He loves to rub them all over his face and hair.  He loves to take off his bib so that he can rub them into his clothes.  He loves to chew them and then spit them out and laugh.  He loves to thrown them on the floor and chew on the spoon.  But, most of all he loves to eat them.
 I'm imagining more of this in my future and less of the clean reserved boy.
This is a lot more fun anyways.

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Sally said...

Aww I sure miss you guys. I love messy eating babies. He is so big and so cute. I can't believe he is big and we have missed so much.

Hugs to everyone.