Friday, July 31, 2009

The Science Centre

While staying at our place the Vancouver Dunton's wanted to go and check out the Ontario Science Centre. It was awesome, but busy (I think that it was filled with every child in the 416/905 area). There is so much to do there, I think that I will have to go back when I get a bit older! Here I am cautiously checking out the scene.
Mom switched my stroller around so now I get to look out at the world (rather then just looking at her) when we walk. It is a whole lot more exciting.
This aquarium was super neat to look at; I loved watching the fish.
Aunt Stephanie and cousin Shaymus making some noise/music.
They had these neat toddler play areas, they were the only empty and quiet space in the entire centre.
Uncle Jeff and Shaymus driving a bobsled.
There is this totally neat thing where you take your picture (see Uncle Jeff's example in the photo above) and then it turns your photo into bubbles (see Uncle Jeff below).Thanks for taking me to the Science Centre Vancouver Dunton's. I had such a great time that I had a 3 hour nap when we got home!

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