Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zen Turns 7

Birthdaypalooza continued and it was on to Wonderland to celebrate cousin Zen's 7th birthday. Mom and Dad were both very excited for my first trip to Wonderland.
The line up for the Behemoth was a bit long, so we decided to start with something else.
Standing in line for my first ride at Wonderland!
Mom was all abuzz with anticipation waiting for the ride to start."Ah, Mom and Dad are you sure about this? Who is the creepy guy looking in our train? You realize the train track goes in a circle, right? We aren't actually going anywhere."

Ohhhhh, this is fun!

The birthday boy on a coaster.
Spinning in circles in more Zen's speed.
Thanks for inviting us to help you celebrate. Happy Birthday Zen!

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