Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in Newmarket

The weather here has been amazing! So amazing that while we were at Grandma's house for Easter we didn't even have to wear our jackets when playing outside.
Grandma took us to the park to play; Zen drove his Jeep there but I prefer it when Grandma pulls me in the wagon.
Zen and I did lots of good park work. Zen showed me how he could climb up the slide. I tried, but could only make it up the littlest bit before sliding back down, it was big time fun.
Later Zen made the coolest fort with a special perch for me. Mom and Auntie Amanda were worried about the structural capabilities of the couch cushions, but they held (I guess they forgot that Zen's Dad is an architect!)
When she could catch up with me Auntie Amanda and I did some snuggling.
Thanks for the great Easter lunch Grandma, it was delicious and so much fun!

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