Sunday, April 18, 2010

Visiting Big Nana

This weekend we decided to take a road trip to visit Big Nana at her house. She was very happy to see us and I was incredibly popular with the other residents!
We did lots of walking, so Big Nana could show me all around. Then we went back to her room to refuel. I spent some of my snack time on Grandpa Baba's lap.
This is a nice picture of Big Nana, Mom and I.
Grandpa Baba, Big Nana and I. I think I see some family resemblance!
Grandpa Baba took me to the games room at Big Nana's place and attempted to teach me all about Crokinole.
I'm still not too sure on the rules, but I like shooting the discs across the board. Grandpa Baba blamed his poor showing on the fact that the board was old and needed to be polished. I think he was embarrassed by the fact that he almost lost to a two year old girl!

Thanks for the visit Big Nana, we will see you again soon!

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