Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peeps Show T.O. 2010 - Winners

First of all thank you so much to everyone who participated, we received more entries then last year and the creativity levels were off the charts! The judging was very difficult and Darcy had to think long and hard before making any decisions. Winners will be contacted shortly in regards to receiving their awards. I can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

Zen Hodges Hendershott took home the prize for most Eco-Conscious Diorama with his 100% biodegradable piece titled 'Cloudy with a Chance of Peepballs'.
Joseph Ribbie was awarded the prize for Best Documentary Adaptation with his piece titled 'Peeps at the Feeder'.
The category of Best Short Non-fiction Adaptation was presented to Isabella Noel for her piece titled 'Snow White and the Seven Peeps'.
Best Cartoon Peeps Adaption was won by two time Peeps T.O. champion Sarah Stoski and her piece titled 'Peepnuts'.

Best Dramatic Television Series Adaptation went to Leah for her piece titled 'Peexter'.

Best Television Series Adaptation - Comedy or Musical went to first time peeper Meaghan with her piece titled simply 'Peeps'.

And Best Feature Film Adaptation was presented to Trish for her piece titled 'Momma Peepa'.


Milroy family said...

I love this tradition!!!!
Go Peeps!

Patricia said...

Wow! Better than the Oscars... the bar has been raised. I'm starting on my 2011 entry as soon as I get back from Phoenix.
Congratulations to everyone, I love all the entries. You guys are amazing.

Erica said...

Man I wish I could get my hands on some peeps!! They aren't available here in India... I can barely get marshmellows to make rice crispy treats! They are a 'real' treat here and very rare.

Great competition and amazing creative. Can't wait to see the entries this year.

Cheers! Erica