Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baking Sundays

For most of the winter Lola and I have kept up our baking Sunday challenge. We are slowly working our way through the best cookbook ever, Flour. We have made a number of amazing treats and Lola really enjoys that she gets to help and be an active part of the baking process. I have picked up a number of instruments that make baking more interactive for her and at the same time allows us to make an an outstanding treat.
It is a terribly messy process and I am continually fighting to keep her from eating all the dough or mix before I can make it, but I love it and I love that we do it together.
It makes us both so happy! Baking is one of those things that I imagined I would do with my children long before I ever considered having kids. It is like a really messy dream come true!

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Sally said...

I love baking with the kids, it is fun, messy and everyone can participate. As Joseph gets older we talk about measurements and the roles of all the different ingredients. It is just good fun. Lola really looks like a natural. If you aren't covered in flour at the end of it you are doing something wrong.