Monday, April 4, 2011

My First Hair Cut

This past weekend Grandpa and Oma drove down for a visit. We hadn't seen them since our trip to Florida, so it was nice to see them and catch up on everything that has happened since February!

Mom asked Oma if she could give my hair a little trim, recently my bangs have grown enough to get in my eyes, so she thought that it was time. The before shots, my long flowing locks.
The action shots, Oma did very good and fast work and I sat super sit for her. I was really excited about Oma's salon being open for business in my house!
The after shots. You might not be able to really tell by these photos, but I did get a full trim and I love it.
Oma's salon doesn't just do hair, but they also do nails with flower stickers and gems. I sat very still so that they could dry with no mucking them up.
Thanks so much for the visit and all the beauty work Oma and Grandpa. It was so nice to see you!

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