Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Crafts

Mom and Sarah like to make stuff. They spend weeks looking through craft books and magazines in order to completely plan out their holiday crafting and baking sessions. This year for Easter they decided that working on cream filled eggs and Chick cakepops would be the focus of their Easter craft day.

The cream filled eggs were a recipe suggested by Grandma and the ladies thought that they would tackle them first.
They were pretty easy mix sugar with more sugar and then some sweetened milk.
Form the sugar into egg like structures.
And then dip in chocolate.
Wrapped in purple foil to make them look official. Done!

Part of the excitement for Mom and Sarah is that while they are baking and crafting they get a chance to go and get fueled up on designer coffees from the Red Rocket. The Red Rocket is always full of delicious treats and on this visit the ladies felt that they needed something a little bit more substantial then a cookie or a muffin to get them through an afternoon of cake popping. They decided that they needed the macaroni and cheese empanada! It also contains cut up hot dogs and a sprinkling of potato chip. It is as delicious as it looks, unless you think it looks gross, then it is way better then it looks.
Then it was back to work in the kitchen. They are getting pretty good at decorating cakepops. Though when you are working with something this cute it is really hard to screw it up.
See, look how cute they are!

The cakepop chick army all ready for distribution across Southern Ontario over the Easter holidays. Mom and Sarah were pretty happy with how everything turned out.

More pictures from the rest of the busy Easter weekend to come!

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