Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Baba

For Baba's birthday she decided to have her birthday dinner at a restaurant that was close to our house! Which meant that we got to celebrate Baba's birthday with her on a school night! We had a fancy dinner at Edward Levesque and then headed back to our house for cake and some presents.I am super helpful when it comes to opening presents.
Baba really liked the soap and cream that we got her.
And she really liked the present from Uncle Jon, Uncle Josh and Emily.
Grandpa made the traditional Dunton birthday cake and brought it to my house to be decorated. I am very specific and precise with my Smartie deployment and I wanted to use every single candle in the box!
I kept a close eye on Grandpa while he lit the candles.
Bringing out the cake to the birthday girl while we all sing.
She loved cake, just look at her sheer happiness.
Aunt Emily helped Baba and I blow out the candles. Grandpa said that Baba had four boyfriends, which is apparently down from last year!
After the cake it was photo session time, Lola and the birthday girl!
Lola and Emily.
The boys.
The ladies!
Uncle Jon loves his kissing photos!

Happy Birthday Baba! Thanks for coming over to celebrate with us!

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