Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Perfect Alibi

Alexandra invited me and a few other ladies over to her Grandpa's boat for a visit. There were six ladies under the age of 3 and Dustind (he spent most of his time hanging with the boys and driving the boat, yes the 6 year old drove the 78 foot boat for the majority of the cruise). Here is a shot of the chaos as the ladies started getting ready.
This is Alexandra's Dad and her Grandpa. I wish I had more shots of the boat, it is bigger then our house and has 5 bathrooms. Yup, we ladies like to travel in style.
Don't worry Dad, you totally aren't raising any expectations here!
Mom tried to organize a photo of all the girls, but the twins weren't all that interested.
This is a pretty good shot of Maddy, Alexandra, myself, and Bella. A pretty cute crew, any captain would be lucky to have us! Thanks for the invite Alexandra!

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